Theft Crimes Attorney in Los Angeles CA

Theft Crimes Attorney in Los Angeles CA

Theft Crimes Attorney in Los Angeles CA

When you want an experienced and aggressive theft crimes attorney in Los Angeles CA, you want El bufete de abogados Mattern.

Theft CrimesWithin the main categories of theft by larceny, theft by trick, theft by fraud, and theft by embezzlement, there are a multitude of specific crimes, each of which is described by its own statutes and requires its own specific defense arguments. For a layperson or even for an inexperienced attorney, this can become quite confusing.

The best way to make sure you are working with a theft crimes attorney in Los Angeles CA who really understands the charges against you and the options for your defense is to hire an experienced attorney with a strong track record of helping their clients secure extremely beneficial outcomes. In other words, hire El bufete de abogados Mattern. You can trust us to provide our honest, professional opinion as to the best way to proceed in your case and then fight aggressively to achieve this outcome.

Thanks to our many years working in criminal defense, we have the skills and experience required to help with all kinds of theft offenses such as:

It’s Never Too Early to Call a Theft Crimes Attorney in Los Angeles CA

If charges have been filed, you should definitely hire a theft crimes attorney in Los Angeles CA. But even if charges have not yet been filed–and even if you have not yet been arrested–you can benefit from calling an attorney. This will help prevent you from accidentally revealing information that could hurt your case later on.

Also, the sooner your attorney’s team can begin investigating your case and building your defense the better. Call us now and we can immediately get started with the following vital activities:

  • Initiating the discovery process to analyze the prosecutor’s evidence
  • Conducting our own investigation including interviewing witnesses to expose any lies, exaggerations, or omissions
  • Filing motions to have any illegally obtained evidence or coerced testimony excluded
  • Working with prosecutors to have charges reduced or dismissed
  • Making sure any plea bargains are as fair as possible and expose you to the minimum possible penalties

Attention First-Time Offenders

Do you meet both these criteria?

  • You have no theft-related charges on your record
  • The cash, goods, or services allegedly taken were worth $50 or less

There is an excellent chance that your theft crimes attorney in Los Angeles CA could convince the DA to reduce your charge from a misdemeanor to an infraction. An infraction will not go on your criminal record and the maximum penalty is a $250 fine.

If your alleged first-theft crime involves more than $50, don’t worry. Diversion programs are available for first-time offenders, and your theft crimes attorney in Los Angeles CA can help you understand and take advantage of such a program if you qualify.

Get Your Free Theft Crimes Consultation Today

If you would like to learn more about what options you may have for your theft or theft-related charge, please call 310-342-8254 now. We’ll be happy to set up a free case evaluation for you.

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