Domestic Violence Attorney in Norwalk CA

Domestic Violence Attorney in Norwalk CA

Domestic Violence Attorney in Norwalk CA

Have you been accused of harming a loved one? Get help from a skilled domestic violence attorney in Norwalk CA today.

Domestic ViolenceAt Mattern& Mendoza, we take domestic violence allegations very seriously. We know how devastating a conviction can be for your family life and your future, and as your domestic violence attorney in Norwalk CA we will fight tenaciously to protect your rights and secure the fullest protection available under the law.

3 Important Facts to Understand About Domestic Violence

  • California takes domestic violence seriously and enforces the laws strictly. In most counties, jail time is on the table even for a minor first-offense domestic violence misdemeanor.
  • Innocent people often get accused of domestic violence. Sadly, in some cases alleged “victims” of domestic violence make false accusations in order to hurt or punish a domestic partner.
  • Even if the alleged victim does not wish to press charges, some DAs will bring a case anyway. In some cases this can result in accidental injuries being pursued as domestic violence cases.

In light of these 3 facts, you can see that it could be very dangerous to attempt to get through your case without help from an experienced domestic violence attorney in Norwalk CA who knows the law, the court system, and the disposition of the judges who may be presiding over your case.

Why Choose Us as Your Domestic Violence Attorney in Norwalk CA

There is no one single statute governing domestic violence. Instead, there are a number of different statutes describing different offenses that can fall under the umbrella of domestic violence scattered throughout the California Penal Code. Different offenses therefore require different arguments, and it is essential for your attorney to have a detailed understanding of the Penal Code as well as of relevant case law in order to make these different arguments effectively. This is exactly the kind of attorney you will find at El bufete de abogados Mattern, thanks to our many years of defending clients accused of domestic violence and securing very good results for them in most cases. The types of charges we can handle include:

  • Assault
  • Corporal Injury to a Spouse or Cohabitant
  • Domestic Battery
  • Child Abuse
  • Child Endangerment
  • Elder Abuse
  • Criminal Threats

As your domestic violence attorney in Norwalk CA, we will handle all aspects of your case personally so you can rest assured you are getting superior representation each step of the way.

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Wondering what options you may have in your domestic violence case? The best way to find out is to request a free case evaluation from a domestic violence attorney in Norwalk CA. Please call 310-342-8254 now to do so.

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